Episode 201

Session 200: What The Scouts Learned


September 25th, 2021

2 hrs 58 secs

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09/21/2021, ELOTR Episode 200

Announcements: Anytime Audit Special for the “Language Invention Through Tolkien” course! Join Andrew Higgins for this excellent exploration of Tolkien’s language invention process and legacy. -$75 (21% off!) off signumuniversity.org/classes/special/, New England Moot is this weekend ! Please join us in Durham, NH on Saturday, September 25th 2021. Event and Virtual tickets available: signumuniversity.org/event/new-england-moot-2021-second-breakfast/

In which: We learn the fate of the Black Riders’ wardrobe and mounts. How are ring wraiths disrobed?

Field Trip: Elderslades Drenghol, Dun Traikh

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